Digital Play Guide for The Spinning Drum

Learning through play:

  • Explore and learn through grasping, spinning, and pushing.
  • Foster rhythmic understanding and early music appreciation.
  • Encourage cognitive development and pattern recognition through repeated play.

Ways to Play: The Spinning Drum offers a unique auditory and tactile experience for children. 

Starting at 6 Months: At this stage, your baby is exploring the world through touch and sound. Place the drum within their reach during tummy time or while seated, and encourage them to spin it. The motion and bell sound will likely capture their attention, introducing the concept of cause-and-effect.

Starting at 12 Months: As your little one grows, they begin to understand more complex interactions with toys. Show them how to spin the drum faster to change the sound. 

Starting at 18 months: By now, your toddler may start to show an interest in creating rhythms or mimicking patterns. Introduce simple rhythmic games, like spinning, tapping, and spinning again, encouraging them to repeat them. This not only enhances their listening skills but also supports memory and attention. Use descriptive language like “fast,” “slow,” “loud,” and “soft” to describe their actions, enriching their vocabulary and understanding of opposites.

Beyond 24 Months: Encourage your child to explore creative play with the spinning drum, such as inventing their songs or incorporating the drum into a band with other instruments. This stage is about reinforcing their musical exploration, rhythm recognition, and encouraging self-expression through music.