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Montessori Inspired Developmental Toys

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Thoughtfully crafted toys that are designed in collaboration with child development specialists.

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We bring together top educational and scientific methods - like Montessori, neuroscience, and occupational therapy to help your little one learn, grow, and develop through play.


Our play products are crafted from safe, eco-friendly and durable materials, designed to last generations of play.

Cyber Monday Play Bundle - Totli

Discover the Totli Ball Drop Box, a Montessori classic designed to foster babies understanding of the world and how things work. This developmental toy is a delightful way to boost hand-eye coordination, and introduce the fundamental concept of object permanence—the understanding that objects continue to exist, even when we can’t see them. 

Beautiful, Meaningful & Endlessly Engaging

Playthings that are backed by science and crafted with care. The perfect blend of aesthetics and purpose, offering enriching play experiences for little ones to explore, learn, and grow.