Make Playtime Count

80% of the brain is formed by age 2

Explore award winning play essentials for babies and toddlers. Designed by early childhood experts to foster curiosity, hands-on discovery, and joyful play.

Newborn Toys

Congratulations on your newest arrival! The early stages of your baby's life are a time of wonder and discovery, and what better way to nurture their growth than with specially curated newborn toys from Totli? Our collection of carefully chosen toys is designed to stimulate your baby's senses, encourage cognitive development, and provide endless moments of joy. Discover a world of premium newborn toys at Totli, where learning begins with play.

Embracing Early Learning through Play

At Totli, we believe that learning begins early. Our range of newborn toys is thoughtfully crafted to provide a multisensory experience that captivates your baby's curiosity. We understand that each baby is unique, and that's why we offer a beautiful selection of toys that cater to different developmental milestones.

Discover Our Range of Newborn Toys

From the Crinkle Square to the Hand-to-Hand Discs, Totli offers a delightful assortment of newborn toys that are not only safe but also engaging for your little one. Our collection includes:

  • Sensory Development Toys: Stimulate your baby's senses with our collection of sensory development toys. These toys feature a variety of textures, colours, and sounds to engage your baby's senses and encourage early exploration.
  • High-Contrast Visual Stimulation Toys: Babies are drawn to high-contrast colours, which can aid in visual development. Explore our selection of toys designed with bright colours to captivate your baby's attention.
  • Safety and Quality: Your baby's safety is our top priority. Crafted from baby-safe paints and materials, Totli’s play products are tested by certified, independent product safety testing labs.
  • Shopping Made Effortless: We understand that your time is precious, especially with a newborn. That's why Totli offers a hassle-free online shopping experience. Our user-friendly website allows you to browse and select newborn toys with ease, and our prompt nationwide delivery ensures that your baby's new toys are just a click away.
  • Gift the Joy of Learning: Invest in your baby’s early development with newborn toys that are designed for learning and hands-on discovery. 

Choose Totli for Unforgettable Beginnings

As you embark on this wonderful journey of parenthood, Totli is here to accompany you every step of the way. Our handpicked selection of newborn toys reflects our commitment to nurturing young minds and creating moments of happiness. Shop our collection today and set the stage for a lifetime of learning, love, and laughter.

Experience the joy of play and discovery with Totli's range of newborn toys. Start your baby's learning journey today!