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About Us:

Totli (pronounced tot•lee) celebrates babyhood, toddlerhood, parenthood, guardianship, and everything in between. Our mission is to help parents create enriching experiences for their children in an easy and meaningful way. Our Montessori-inspired playthings are designed by child development experts to nurture children's natural creativity, curiosity, learning, and development through PLAY. Here at Totli™, we are committed to empowering, supporting and inspiring parents in their most important job in the world; raising the next generation of thinkers, explorers and innovators.

Our Commitment: 

At Totli™, we love our planet, and we operate in an environmentally, economically, and socially responsible way. Our toys are crafted from natural and organic materials, and we’re proud of our range of plastic-free, earth-friendly toys. Our manufacturers are certified as part of the ICTI ethical toy program. This means that our playthings are crafted in safe work environments, and employees are treated fairly, with respect and dignity. At Totli™ we are committed to ensuring that we meet and exceed ethical guidelines every step of the way.

Our Story:

Lauren is the founder of Totli and the creative mind behind the designs. She is passionate about giving every child the best start in life. Lauren has designed, created, and implemented learning programs for children 0-5 in early learning settings across Australia. As a teacher, educational leader in the field, and Mum to two young boys, she is passionate about play-based learning.

Totli began with Lauren and an idea. After years of teaching and working with young children, she gave birth to her first son in 2018. Lauren wanted to give him the best start, right from birth. She quickly found out that parenthood is rewarding and exciting, but more challenging than it sounds... and near impossible to do alone. There was so little time to choose age-appropriate toys, juggle developmental milestones, and create stimulating learning environments... on top of the everyday juggle of being a first-time parent!

Eager to share what she had learned with other parents, Lauren founded Totli. Totli is a company that offers high-quality early learning toys, backed by research. Our mission is to empower, support and inspire parents in their most important job in the world; raising the next generation of thinkers, explorers and innovators.