Digital Play Guide for The Ball Drop

Learning through play:

  • Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by dropping balls into the tower.
  • Foster cognitive development and problem-solving as your baby observes how balls move through the tower.
  • Encourage creative play by experimenting with different angles and heights when dropping balls.
  • Promote an early understanding of cause and effect as your child watches the balls roll out of the tower, enhancing their developmental awareness.
Playing with the Ball Drop Box helps your little one solve problems as they figure out how to place and retrieve the balls. If your baby isn't interested at first, try again later—babies often develop an interest in the Ball Drop Box at different times.

Ways to Play:

For Babies (Birth to 9 Months): Encourage your baby to explore the ball drop box with their hands and eyes. They'll enjoy watching the ball disappear and reappear, which stimulates their visual tracking and curiosity. Babies start understanding object permanence between 6 and 9 months, remembering objects from one time to the next.

For Older Babies (6 to 18 Months): Grabbing, letting go, and moving balls to drop them into the tower improves hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. Show your baby how to drop the ball through the hole to practice holding and letting go.

Watching balls move through the tower helps children understand spatial concepts, like how gravity affects movement. Roll a ball against a wall or with your baby to demonstrate how objects move when touched.

For Toddlers (15 to 36 Months): Encourage your toddler to use the ball drop box independently. This activity supports problem-solving skills and reinforces the concept of object permanence. Try using balls of varying sizes and textures, and encourage your child to observe how different balls fit into the hole and move down the ramp. This can be a fun way to explore how similar objects move and behave differently. 

Remember, playing with the Totli Ball Drop Box should be an enjoyable and engaging experience. Be patient and encouraging, and take delight in watching your child learn and develop new skills through play.