Babies love sensory play, but it can get messy quickly!

DIY sensory bags are a great compromise for mess free fun. They are a perfect way to introduce your baby to sensory play and allow babies to explore without the mess that can come with other sensory set ups.

Here’s how:

Fill a zip lock bag with a variety of materials like pom poms, rice, water or shaving cream. Reinforce the seal with strong tape, then use painter’s tape to secure the edges of the bag to the floor, wall, or a table where your baby can play.  

As they squish the bag and move its contents around, your baby absorbs new information about the world through their fingers, eyes, and ears. Sensory play is also great to developing concentration, language skills and hand eye coordination. Always be sure to closely supervise your baby when they’re playing with a DIY sensory bag.

Totli Australia
Tagged: 3-4 Months