Earth Day is a special time to foster a love for nature and the environment. The smallest hands make the biggest impact, and everyone—including babies and toddlers—can participate in activities that not only celebrate this day but also teach the importance of caring for our planet.

Here’s our guide to engaging babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in activities that celebrate the natural world: 

Outdoor Tummy Time Exploration

Lay a comfortable blanket in your garden or at a local park, and introduce your little one to the natural world. As they enjoy the fresh air, point out different leaves, flowers, and insects. Each of these elements is an opportunity for discovery and helps build a foundational connection with nature.

Edible Earth Paints

Create safe, homemade finger paints using natural ingredients like blueberries, avocado, and yoghurt. Edible paints are a wonderful way for babies and toddlers to express their creativity while engaging their senses, supporting both cognitive and physical development in a fun, mess-free way.


Nature's Play Mat

Find a soft patch of grass in your backyard or local park to set up a play area. Spend a few moments each day there and watch your baby’s curiosity about the natural world grow. This activity combines texture exploration with visual stimulation, making it perfect for developmental play.

Sprout a Seedling

Help your toddler plant a seedling in a small pot to keep by a sunny window. Teach them to water it gently and watch it grow day by day—a wonderful lesson in patience and care for living things. For those with a greener thumb, try creating a sensory garden. Choose tactile and fragrant plants like lavender and lemongrass, or tasty ones like strawberries.

Eco Music Makers

Create simple musical instruments, like shakers, from dried beans and empty bottles. Decorating them with natural materials like fabric scraps and non-toxic paints adds to the fun and allows for a creative, sensory experience.

This Earth Day, join us in taking small steps that can lead to big changes for our planet. Whether it’s making safe, edible paint or planting a new friend in the garden, every action counts towards building a greener, healthier planet for everyone.
Remember, nurturing a green tomorrow starts with the lessons we teach today.

Happy Earth Day from all of us at Totli 🌱

Totli Australia