For parents seeking a safe and engaging play environment for their children, creating a yes space may be the perfect solution! 


A ‘yes’ space is an enclosed space specifically for your child where they can move and confidently explore the area safely (without the risk of being told ‘no’). Inspired by the RIE parenting method which emphasises respect, freedom of movement and exploration – this enclosed area allows your baby or toddler to explore without restrictions. 


A yes space can be a whole room, or only part of it. Your child’s bedroom or playroom is a great natural choice. A baby gate can be helpful when creating an enclosed yes space in a common area, like the living area. This can make it easier for you to be closely to your baby or toddler while they play.


How to create a yes space


The first step to creating a yes space is to ensure the space is free from all hazards. This includes moving cords, plants, and unsafe items out of reach. Furniture should be secured to the wall and the area should be regularly evaluated as your little one grows and becomes more mobile.


What to include:


The best materials for your baby’s yes space are simple, safe and engaging. Developmentally appropriate play items including: toys, books, and learning materials are a great choice. 


The benefits of a yes space


A yes space can provide your child with the freedom and space to develop concentration, independence, and play without restriction. Yes spaces can encourage play, learning, creativity and agency, while parents get to enjoy one of the great pleasures of parenting - observing your little one as they explore the world around them. 


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